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Work and play don’t have to be separate. We want you to be happy, healthy and delighted to come to work. We don’t treat our team like 9 to 5 robots, but like unique and amazing individuals with huge untapped potential.

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We’re a community of passionate people striving for excellence. We live and breathe our commitment to teamwork, supporting and uplifting each other to be the best. There’s no room for ego at here, just plenty of talented people working together to deliver an experience like no other.

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Joining Nium has been a game-changing decision in my career. I enjoy working with a global team here, and have greatly benefited by being mentored by world-class experts. Together, we all get to jointly steer this high-speed Fintech revolution to the next level. #WinTheWorld

Gita Ceskeviciene

Head of Compliance, Lithuania

I have had the privilege of working with some of Australia’s most promising entrepreneurs across the country, helping to bring their vision to life. On the other side of the spectrum, I have also enjoyed partnering with ASX-listed and established companies to digitize their payment-related processes. My work at Nium has allowed me to truly take on an end-to-end view and ownership of the entire sales cycle. #Lifelonglearner

Vinoth Manoharan

Lead Business Development, Australia

Nium has offered me an environment that helps me leverage my past experiences to solve problems and find unique ways to meet newer challenges. My biggest motivation to get to work is the opportunity to work with highly capable people who are all driven by a common purpose - to help our customers unlock new revenue opportunities and improve cash flow economics. #ComfortInChaos

Ezza Benjie

Lead Card Operations, Singapore

Nium is a company that is driven by passion. My work here takes me out of my comfort zone every single day, providing me the opportunity to work on new things constantly. I feel that I have been learning and growing here at the speed of light. It’s a place where I feel heard and trusted - this motivates me to do more and be one step ahead. #AboveandBeyond

Simona Suskeviciene

Head of Compliance Operations, Lithuania

We, at Nium, are laser focused on figuring out how we can help individuals, corporates, small business entities in solving their global payment problems. I get to utilize my AWS expertise in dynamic ways. But honestly, the best part of my job is that I get to work with a vibrant team which is implementing innovative solutions which have the potential to shape the future of payment business. #OneNium

Sovit Jain

Technology Head, Mumbai

Nium as a company, is completely unique in the way it works - It truly believes in co-creating experiences with its employees. In all our initiatives, every stakeholder has the ability to influence, change, and bring forth meaningful and relevant solutions. This has helped create a collaborative environment where every talent is, indeed, boundaryless. #CocreatingCulture

Spandan Rathod

Head of Learning & Internal Communications, Mumbai

Being able to own and implement a strategy end to end while driving Nium’s consumer business in the region has been a thoroughly rewarding. Nium has allowed me to leverage my growth mindset to fuel my passion for collaboration and customer-centricity. #Customerfirst

Michael Minassian

Head of Consumer Business - Australia

Together, with our incredible team, I've had the opportunity to build the Nium Payments Platform from the ground up. It’s something that we have built with reliability and future scalability as the sole focus in our minds #Thinkproduct

Ranaditya Palit

Head of Product Platform, Mumbai

The company’s growth-mindset and emphasis on creating innovative solutions for customers inspires us to constantly challenge ourselves. Being responsible for driving the end-to-end outcome while creating unique products has not only been a great learning experience, but also professionally fulfilling. #CommercialPayments

Sanjiv Razdan

Head of Global SME Business, Singapore

At Nium, we go beyond the conventional costs of control to take a holistic "total cost of compliance" approach that helps us strike a balance between control, experience, and cost.#EthicalGrowth

Chakshu Raina

Product Head Risk & Compliance, Singapore

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