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We build an instantly recognizable brand, so Nium can deliver value to millions more people around the world.

What do we do?

Champion our brand, reach new audiences and win over new customers

We execute proactive public relations campaigns, driving awareness about Nium’s innovation. We handle requests from the biggest media outlets on every continent, placing our Fintech experts in high-profile speaking opportunities.

We get people talking about Nium on social media, and create amazing content campaigns that drive demand and positive brand awareness.

Brand and Communications roles at Nium

Content, creative and brand

We drive customer action and engagement through amazing content and creative designs. We identify creative ways that help build brand equity, and develop high quality storytelling content to bring our brand promise to life.

PR and communications

We deliver creative public relations campaigns that drive awareness, build our brand, and elevate our image. We communicate our personality, expressing our values, and inspiring confidence in those that may have a use for our services.

What’s our role at Nium?

We create content that brings our mission and achievements to life, winning over new customers and keeping existing customers connected to our work.

We articulate Nium’s brand promise, personality and values in exciting and memorable ways.

We get the word out about Nium ‘s successes, showcasing our impact and blazing a trail for future innovation.


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