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Careers in Corporate Functions

We create strong and seamless systems that underpin everything we do

What do we do?

Our Corporate Functions include: Government Relations, Legal, Administration, Strategy & Corporate Development etc.

Our Corporate Functions support everything we do at Nium: they make sure our teams are pulling together to deliver our mission, harnessing talent from the best and brightest, and aligning effectively with policy to transform financial systems. Nium is the element that makes Fintech go. Corporate Functions make certain we go in the right direction.

Careers in Government Relations

What do we do?

Shape the future of financial policy.

Government relations works with policymakers and regulators to shape the way Fintech serves economies, businesses, and consumers around the world. We look at policies through the same problem-solving lens as our colleagues in product or technology. If they’re not fit for purpose, we partner with governments to find a better way, unlocking innovation and inclusive growth. We also pave the way for new market entry, expanding products and services in existing market, and identifying pathways for partnership with governments.

What’s our role at Nium?

Externally, we’re ambassadors for Nium with Governments and other companies’ government relations functions around the world.

Internally, we collaborate with product, strategy, and other teams to identify opportunities for Nium based on different governments’ visions.

We also help remove barriers to market access or expansion of services through policy intervention.

Careers in Strategy and Corporate Development

What do we do?

We keep Nium focused on its vision and on the right path to deliver its mission

Our team sits on the frontline of several business-critical initiatives: fundraising, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and market expansion. We drive the fundraising process from start to finish, and handle every aspect of M&A, from due diligence to post-acquisition integration. We smooth the path for market expansion, conducting market entry analysis and feasibility studies, interfacing with regulators and leading licensing efforts.

What’s our role at Nium?

We craft Nium’s vision and help us deliver on our mission

We translate Nium’s goals – like making global payments fast, safe and easy for everyone, wherever they are – into strategy

We turn strategy into action


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