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We handle the essential processes that power Nium’s finances, ensuring our global business is compliant, efficient, and perfectly resourced.

What do we do?

We make sure funds flow smoothly within Nium

We handle accounting, tax, and related financial processes for Nium and all its entities. We make sure Nium complies with all regulatory requirements, audit runs smoothly, and funds are used properly and effectively.

We analyse data and provide reports to help processes as varied as tax, payroll, and investor information.

Finance roles at Nium


Accounting is in-housed and done for all the NIUM entities. We record transactions and prepare essential items like balance sheets for a range of purposes.


We are responsible for income tax return filings/ monthly TDS / PF/ PT/ NPS/ GST, quarterly advance tax/ TDS return filings.


We have overall control of the state of affairs: finance/ accounts/ budgeting/ planning / taxation/ safeguarding and net worth.

Payroll/vendor/ reimbursement processing

We handle payroll processing, vendor payments & employee reimbursements.


We look after budgeting, planning and analytical review of revenue and expenses.


We publish monthly management results, get audit done for all Nium entities, prepare regulatory reports to the local regulators and provide Information to investors, like financial statements.

Safeguarding & net worth maintenance

We make sure Nium has the required funds in our bank accounts, and the required net worth, as per local regulations.

What’s our role at Nium?

We budget, plan and review revenue and expenses, helping management to plan.

We get the audit done for all the group entities.

We provide essential information for investors, like financial statements, and publish monthly management results to show how Nium group is performing financially.

We make sure safeguarding, net worth and tax compliance requirements are adhered to.


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