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Careers in Growth and Partnerships

We fast-forward Nium’s growth, scanning the horizon for new partners and supporters, delivering results, and delighting our customers.

What do we do?

Build a global Nium by finding opportunities to grow and forge powerful new partnerships.

We find exceptional opportunities for growth, alongside new partners and supporters. We make sure clients are delighted from their first interaction with us to their last. On the Delivery side, we offer timely, efficient and seamless client and partner integrations.

On the Account Management side, we help our clients grow and diversify their business, meeting their needs flawlessly.

Growth and Partnerships roles at Nium

Customer Success

We help our clients manage issues and grow their business, reporting crucial data like payment volume, changes and trends. We find opportunities like new products, services and markets for them to explore, and we represent the voice of the customer within Nium, making sure internal teams understand their needs.


We scope and manage client integrations, test and troubleshoot, then track, manage and update throughout the integration process. We’re there to ensure a smooth service before, during and after launch. We also help scope the level of technical effort needed for integration.


We find and collaborate with new partners, payment methods and technologies in new and emerging markets. We work alongside our clients to understand their needs for expansion into new markets, and collaborate with Product to deliver solutions that help our business grow.

What’s our role at Nium?

We help Nium’s customers understand, improve and expand their business through smart data and reporting.

We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to expand. We find opportunities for growth that meet our clients’ needs, then scope out regulatory efforts and deliver local expertise, guidance and support throughout expansion.

We deliver smooth and seamless integrations from start to finish, spotting and solving problems before they emerge.


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