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We support Nium’s talent to build their careers and capabilities, now and in the future

What do we do?

Create an environment where people can thrive

We create bespoke employee experiences around culture, learning, recognition, benefits and engagement to make Nium a vibrant, thriving workplace. Our talent management practices unlock talent and allow people to achieve their potential. We showcase our team to the outside world, helping to attract world-class talent who want to do something unique and different with their career.

People Experience roles at Nium

People Development

Our people are what makes Nium great. We hire the best, then give them thoughtful support to grow through onboarding, training, leadership, coaching and development tools.

Compensation & Benefits

We want you to grow alongside us and share in our success. We offer competitive compensation and benefits to help motivate our team and keep them pulling together for the long-term.

Talent Acquisition

We help make Nium a magnet for talent. We attract, recruit and retain dazzling, diverse people from around the world. We find the right person for the right role, then plan for their career development alongside Nium’s future growth.

People Analytics

We harness the power of data to unlock insights about people, processes, functions and challenges. This lets us continually improve, making every step of the Nium journey better.

Business Partnering

We help Nium work smarter, faster and more efficiently. We closely partner with our senior leadership to develop an effective HR agenda and make sure our people stay motivated, productive and be with us for the long term.

People Operations

We keep Nium running like a well-oiled machine. From employee wellbeing to performance management, we make important processes slick and seamless so our people can focus on the mission.

What’s our role at Nium?

We help Nium source new talent.

We make sure teammates can recognize each other for superlative work.

We support our team to learn and develop their skills to the next level.

We give candidates a view of the unlimited potential they have to grow with us.


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