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We deliver transformative solutions for our customers all over the world. We make sure safe, easy and secure payments are delivered via a seamless user experience.

What do we do?

We constantly work on simplifying transactions so you can execute payments in minutes

We make global payments easy and user friendly, with intuitive user Interfaces, transparent pricing and information you can find for yourself. Our services are fast: Banks typically take anywhere between 2-7 days for cross border transactions. We are driving a speed of a few minutes for most transactions. We’re efficient and constantly striving to improve.

Our team is spread across Singapore, India, UK, and USA. The team includes UX designers, data scientists, product managers and financial sector professionals.

Product roles at Nium


We translate product requirements into smooth flows and great experiences, with an intuitive user interface.


We work towards building incoming and outgoing payment rails, making them automated and efficient, so Nium can expand its reach.

Mobile & web application

We work towards user flows and experience on web and app, UI-UX improvements, new features and enhancements.

What’s our role at Nium?

We work closely with the compliance and regulatory teams across 45 countries to define and edit rules in line with local requirements.

We build that make sure customers can find things that matter to them, like transaction status or visibility on payments, and automate aspects like refund, returns, and processing customer documents.

We collaborate with Marketing on identifying features, developing, and then building a communication plan to highlight new features, enhanced capabilities, and competitive advantage for consumers.


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