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Careers in Risk & Compliance

We make sure business activities are carried out in line with the right requirements, building an organization-wide culture of compliance. We put risk management front and center, so everyone is aware of and perfectly prepared to adapt to risks across Nium.

What do we do?

Drive a culture of compliance and help keep Nium’s community safe

We build, implement, update, and maintain an effective regulatory compliance and assurance framework, attending to all our regulatory obligations. We organize and run critical risk and governance verticals such as enterprise risk management, fraud risk management, cyber security operations, cyber assurance, privacy, and product security. We provide risk governance in different parts of the business, covering policies, processes, and how we make decisions around risk.

Roles in Risk and Governance

General risk management

We make sure processes, business and project risks are properly managed, across business, operational, credit and other internal and external risk areas.

Fraud risk management

We're the first line of defence against fraud. We cover fraud prevention, detection, and investigation, fraud risk assessment on new products or processes, and implementation of process or product control mechanisms.

Cyber security

We employ people, processes, and technology to continuously monitor and improve Nium’s security posture while preventing, detecting, analysing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents.

Cyber assurance

We assess cyber security controls in products and IT Infrastructure, identifying and managing vulnerabilities across the IT landscape.


We work with cross-functional teams to implement and review privacy controls related to products, technologies, and operations.

Product security

We make sure that products are secure from the initial build stage, minimizing flaws that could lead to security risks at a later stage.

Roles in Compliance

Regulatory compliance

We keep the right level of oversight and awareness within the business and among key stakeholders.

Compliance operations

We’re the first line of defence in identifying and assessing risk. We help with incoming partner requests for a smooth and efficient customer experience.

Customer verification

We make sure Nium complies with our Know Your Customer (KYC) regulatory obligations, while delivering an efficient and frictionless process.

What’s our role at Nium?

We assess and manage risks around products, processes, and projects.

We protect Nium from regulatory risk, reputational risk and financial risk.

We protect financial systems by detecting, identifying and reporting suspicious incidents.

We safeguard our customers from harm including cybercrime and money laundering.


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